Ios – Request Timed out when trying to add iOS device to the portal


I added my iPad device to the Apple Developer website by entering it's description and UDID.

Within the Xcode organizer, I attempt to add my device to the portal. I have hooked up a proper provisioning portal to it and all. Yet, the request times out every single time after I enter my proper Apple ID and password.


How do I fix this?

Also, if it helps: I get the same error when I go to Editor < Refresh from Developer Portal

Best Solution

Here is what you're after...

Check the following status page -

If the "Xcode Automatic Configuration" is grayed out, that means the service is offline, and Xcode will surely time out on all developer portal related activities.

If "Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles" service is online, then Xcode will still time out, but you can access the web developer portal, manually add a device (Identifier), modify / update certificates and download them, and manually add them to your Xcode, and continue with your development / provisioning / ad-hoc distribution.

Hope this helps!