Ios – Submission with Xcode 6 to iTunes Connect causes error ITMS-4088


I need to submit an iPhone app to the iTunes Connect account of my customer, by using Xcode 6.

With Xcode 5, during the submission process, we are requested to provide the iTunes Connect login credential to which submit the app.
It was just needed to ask the customer's team agent setting up an iTunes Connect user account for me.
This process was working fine.

Within Xcode 6 the app submission has been changed and it's not requested for iTunes Connect login. So it seems to be using the default iTunes Connect account corresponding with the Apple id configured in Xcode.

So trying to upload an app for the account of my customer I get the following error:
"ERROR ITMS-4088: "The organization XXXX does not have permission to modify the application with the Apple Id XXXXXXXXX. Please try again, using an account for an organization with access to this application." at SoftwareAssets"

Someone you already encountered this problem ? Do you have an idea how can I solve it?

Edit (Some precision about my settings):
I'm working for several customers and so I configured my Apple accounts as follows:

  • I have only one Apple developer Account associated to an Apple Id:
  • my developer account is associated to the developer account of some of my customers when I need to make changes with provisioning for instance. And so signing in to I have to choose the right team I need to work for. It's relatively easy to do by this way.
  • For iTunes Connect I have my main account with the same Id as the Apple Id:
  • When I need to submit an app for a customer it's not the same story as for the developer account. Indeed within iTunes Connect, it's needed to provide a new email each time you need to be added to the account of a customer. So I created several redirections of type,…
  • For submit an app for a customer with Xcode 5 simply choose the right iTunes Connect account when Xcode invite you to do that in the Organizer's submission process.
  • With Xcode 6 there is the error above.

Best Solution

The Problem with Xcode 6 is that this one does not request anymore to choose the iTunes Connect account to which the current app has to be uploaded. Xcode seems now to expect uploading the current app to one of the accounts defined in the Preferences panel. However the Preferences’ account section waits for developer Apple Id and not for iTunes Connect account Id. When I added iTunes email to this section I got errors such as: not valid Apple Id or Apple Id not added to a developer account. Perhaps a solution could be to add each iTunes Connect Id to the corresponding developer team ( but it’s very constraining. Another solution could be to have and Apple’s enterprise developer account instead of personal account, what would allow to add the iTunes Connect Id to your own developer account but I’m not sure this one could solve the issue because I get a personal developer account yet.

After few researches within Google and documentation, I deduced that either there is a bug within Xcode 6 or it’s now very difficult to use in this case, and I gived up to use it to submit this app.

Instead of Xcode I used the Apple’s Application Loader 2.9.1 which is very ease to use and make the submission faster. It has been the final answer to my issue.