Ios – What are the dimensions, file types, and ppi resolution of an iOS app icon


What are the specifications for the icons required by Apple for a custom iPhone application published?

57×57, PNG, No Transparency, No Layers, 72 PPI

512×512, TIFF or JPEG, No Transparency, No Layers, 72 PPI

Note: iPhone OS applies rounded corners, optionally shine, and other effects

Also have a large version of your logo with the name of the application in case Apple contacts you needing a version for marketing purposes.

Best Solution

The icon should be a 57x57 pixel PNG. The PNGs generated by Apple have a PPI of 72.01 so I guess something in that range will work fine. Don't have a very high PPI else images are not rendered properly.

If you want to use a custom icon and not let the iPhone to apply the gloss to your icon, add a key to info.plist called UIPrerenderedIcon (is a boolean value) and make it checked.

When submitting the app to the app store, you will need a 512x512 pixel version of your app's icon (this one in jpeg or tiff format) and at least one screenshot of your app. You can have additional 4 screenshots of the app.

EDIT Now the specs for icon (to be submitted in iTunes connect) and the app icons have changed. The icon to be submitted to itunesconnect must be 1024x1024 px.

For the app icons, you can find details here -

Also, make sure the icon files are NON-INTERLACED PNG files. Recently one of our apps' binary was marked invalid since one of the app icon files was an interlaced PNG.