Ios – which is the best payment gateway for service purchasing in iOS app


I am developing one application for iOS. In that user can purchase doctor services. I dont have any idea about payment gateways. So, please suggest me which is the best payment gateway method and how to implement that in my iOS app. ( I am from India), i heard payment gateway methods depends upon the country.

Best Solution

There are quite a few - also depends on your country as not all providers cover all countries. Take a look at:

and probably

What you want is something that's easy to code for (securely) in iOS. All the above (as well as many others) have APIs and sample code that make connecting to process payments easy and secure.


Just seen you've added that you're in India. Assuming that means that you want to process payments in India, then I think your options (as at July 2014) are more limited. Certainly stripe and braintree don't cover India. I believe PayPal do (although maybe not with their latest APIs), so that might be your best bet.

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