Ios – Xcode 6 with iOS 9


I'm fairly new to iOS development and I upgraded my device to iOS 9.0 beta, to see how my app faired. However, I did not upgrade to Xcode 7 beta. I'm getting an error that says my device is now "ineligible", specifically,

iPhone (3) may be running a version of iOS that is not supported by this version of Xcode.

Is this standard? Do I have to upgrade to Xcode 7 if I'm running iOS 9.0?

Best Solution

The problem with Xcode 7 is that it wants to change your swift code to be able to run. There is way here. Download Xcode 7 and run it. After a few minutes with some installations, connect your iOS 9 device to computer so you can see it in Xcode 7. Then quit Xcode 7 and run Xcode 6 and surprisingly, Xcode 6 will detect your device and you can run your app on it.