Ios – Xcode 8 cannot run on device, provisioning profile problems mentioning Apple Watch


I am running OS X El Capitan and using the Xcode 8 GM seed (8A218a) and I am trying to run my app on my iPhone 6 with iOS 10 GM seed, 10.01 (14A403), which is paired to my Apple Watch running watchOS 3 GM seed (14S326).

I am using Match for handling provisioning profiles and certificates, it has been working beautifully so far.

I recently changed the bundle identifier, so created a new App Id in member center and reconfigured match etc. I have the development certificate and provisioning profile installed on my Mac. I have deleted the old certificates and the old provisioning profiles.

Everything is just working fine running on the simulator. But when I try to run it on my iPhone Xcode 8 is displaying on error:

Provisioning profile "match Development com.XXX.YYY" doesn't include the currently selected device "ZZZ's Apple Watch".

It shows another error as well:

Code signing is required for product type 'Application' in SDK 'iOS 10.0'

This is under Target -> General:
enter image description here

Target -> Build Settings looks like this:

I don't have an Apple Watch extension for this app. So why is Xcode 8 giving me errors relating to my Apple Watch?

Also what does the second error mean? Code signing is required for product type 'Application' in SDK 'iOS 10.0'?


Best Solution

This did work for me:

  • Disable bluetooth on the iPhone
  • Disconnect & reconnect iPhone
  • Build and Run
  • Enable bluetooth again when you are finished with the debugging session