Xcode 8 provisioning profile won’t download


I recently updated to Xcode 8 and as I click on "download" option next to provisioning profile in Xcode/Preferences/Accounts/View Details menu it changes to gray and does not download. After restarting Xcode the download button is again clickable and the problem persists.
Xcode 8 "starts" download and button is grey forever
Manual download of provisioning profile and dropping on Xcode icon don't add the profile to specific developer account in Xcode 8. Anyone had this problem recently and solved it? I checked all questions related to new Xcode version, still no solution.

Best Solution

I'm seeing the same issue where the download button is grayed but the download never seems to complete.

I manually deleted all the profiles in finder and clicked on download. Even if the download doesn't seem to complete, the profile is still downloaded...

You can check out your profiles in finder at

HOME/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles

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