Ios – Xcode error “Could not find Developer Disk Image”


When attempting to run a build on a connected iOS device in Xcode I get the error:

Could not find Developer Disk Image

Screenshot of error message

I saw that there was a public beta for Xcode, so I installed it.

One of the new features is that you don't need to have a Developer Program Account Dingus to upload your app directly to your iPhone.

However, on my iPhone 4s, I also did a public beta update to iOS 8.4, problem being, that there's no Developer Disk Image available for it.

Where do I to find it or how can it be fixed?

Best Solution

For people who would have similar problems in the future, beware that this problem is fundamentally rooted in the mismatch of your iOS version and Xcode version.

Check the compatibility of iOS and Xcode.