Ios – Xcode : failed to get the task for process


This is for an existing app that compiled and distributed multiple times. Since updating to Xcode 5 I have this error popping.

  1. I have my developers profile selected in the Code Signing for debug.
  2. Deleted the Derived Data a few times.
  3. Quit a few times
  4. Downloaded and tried to re-add my Developers certificates.
  5. Reset my computer! And checked updates
  6. Tried using black magic!
  7. The Scheme > Build Configuration is set to Debug

The odd circumstances I am compiling to compile to iOS 6.1 so I can run on my iPhone 3GS – the base is SDK iOS 7? Could this be an issue? I just need to test it before finding a newer phone to before change it to iOS 7.

Best Solution

This error tends to appear when you pick an ad-hoc provisioning profile. Make sure that your code signing is for development.