Ios – Xcode Project Files not appearing in Project Navigator


Strange problem here…my project's Swift files, Main.Storyboard, additional images, delegate, etc. files are all missing from Xcodes Project Navigator.

What is really strange is that the project builds fine and I can also select them from the top of the main editor window even though they are not displayed on the left in the Project Navigator.

When I open my project, the files appear for about 1/2 a second, and then the list is condensed to the blue target file at the top and about 7 images. (I cannot post a picture because my reputation is not high enough.)

I've quit and reopened Xcode and also performed a few restarts, but I still can't select them…even though they're apparently there! Any ideas?

Best Solution

For me the issue was different. My search bar was empty but I had mistakenly selected the clock icon in the search bar at the bottom of the navigator.

Unselected it looks like this

enter image description here

Selected it look like this

enter image description here

The clock icon filters the files for files that have been recently used and therefore, hides a number of your files.