Iphone – Are there iPhone Notifications for all UIResponders


I know about these notifications on the iPhone, as you may need them to scroll a text view into place when they are obscured by the keyboard:

  • UIKeyboardWillShowNotification
  • UIKeyboardDidShowNotification
  • UIKeyboardWillHideNotification
  • UIKeyboardDidHideNotification

Right now, I have a some value that I want to update each time the user enters some input, using ANY control. But I'm dealing with all sorts of different controls here – TextViews, TextFields, Pickers, SegmentedViews, etc.

Is there a way that I can register for a notification that is sent by all UIResponders?

I'm looking for types of notifications other than the ones listed above – is there a definitive list anywhere?

Best Solution

In theory from looking at the types of events you can attach to an action in IB, valueChanged would be perfect (these are not notifications).

Sadly that is not fired by all types of responders. So there's not a good universal way to do so... perhaps put together a class that has methods to handle all types of actions and tie in whatever makes sense for the elements on a page.