Iphone – How to enable developer mode on an iOS device without deploying an app to it using Xcode 6


I'm holding off on installing Xcode 6.1 due to horrible reviews it gets. Without that version, I cannot build on iOS 8.1 devices. Yet I have a couple devices running iOS 8.1 that I need to enable developer mode on. For iOS 8.0 devices I can just build and run any app on them and these devices would get "developer" option in settings app.

In Xcode 5.1 there was an explicit option to enable developer mode on devices or add them to portal, but xCode 6.x does not seem to have that.

How can I enable developer mode on an iOS 8.1 device using Xcode 6 ?

Best Solution

You may not need to do this any more?

I just installed an ad-hoc app with a development provisioning profile on a device with iOS 8.1 and I didn't need to enable development mode on the device.