Iphone – How to get uicontrols by their ID in iphone dev environment


I'm just starting to learn the iphone API, and I've done plenty of windows programming, and I'm sure there's a way, given the object passed to an event handler, to identify its object id or tag or something.

I created a series of UIButtons in the interface builder, and each has an object ID.
But I just can't see where in the iphone API you can get that ID from the UIButton object.

I see everybody going by titleforstate, but that doesn't work for me because they all have the same title. Or do I put an image in the button and use the title as the ID?

The interface builder has an "interface builder identity" which I'm guessing I don't have access to from the iphone API, do I?

There's also a setting called "Tag" in the "view" section of the button attributes, but it's a number. That will do, but I don't see any API call to get that either.

I'm just trying to figure out how to identify a UI control by some means other than it's title.

Best Solution

it's inherited from NSObject, you just need to call for variable.tag