Iphone – How to launch Google Maps on iPhone via web link


I am building a site that will have address links as well as image of a map – both of which have a link to Google Maps.

The problem is that when I click on these links using my iPhone – or any address link that shows up in an email, the result is that either the native Apple Maps app opens or the Google Maps in the browser. I want for the native Google Maps app to open every time, and ideally for every user (whose iPhone I have no control of).

If I use the Chrome app for iPhone, then there's a little trick to do this:

But the reality is that the trick above will not open the Google Maps app. It will open the web version of Google Maps inside the Chrome app. Then an icon shows up at the bottom asking if you want to open the native app instead. This is better than nothing, but far from ideal. I appreciate any help. Thank you. BTW, I'd like to do this without jailbreaking the iPhone – I'm looking for a solution that will work with other people's iPhones.

Best Solution

You can use apple's interface which is a bit more intelligent when using different browsers and devices:


Clicking the above url on the following devices:

iPhone|iPad: Opens Apple maps app

Android: Gives you a choice to open in either Google Maps App or Google maps website

Windows Phone: Opens Google maps mobile website

Windows 8 Desktop: Opens Google maps website

Apple OS Desktop: Opens the new maps app (Mavericks)!!

For more info see: Apple URL Scheme Reference