IPhone – how to put Settings bundle seen through System Settings App into your own App


I want to create a settings page from within my app that looks exactly like the one that I would create in the System Settings Application using a Settings.bundle and Root.plist.

Is there an easy way to access the controls like PSMultiValueSpecifier etc. and add them to an actual View?


Best Solution

Here's another solution:

  • http://www.inappsettingskit.com/

    InAppSettingsKit is an open source solution to to easily add in-app settings to your iPhone apps. It uses a hybrid approach by maintaining the Settings.app pane. So the user has the choice where to change the settings...

    To support traditional Settings.app panes, the app must include a Settings.bundle with at least a Root.plist to specify the connection of settings UI elements with NSUserDefaults keys. InAppSettingsKit basically just uses the same Settings.bundle to do its work. This means there's no additional work when you want to include a new settings parameter. It just has to be added to the Settings.bundle and it will appear both in-app and in Settings.app. All settings types like text fields, sliders, toggle elements, child views etc. are supported...