Iphone – Is OpenGL required for the iPhone game


On an iPhone:

If I am writing a game that has multiple levels, with multiple animations (image sequences), jpg and png (transparent), some full screen and some not, some looped and some played once only. What is the best way of doing it? Each level might have up to 10MB of images. Add on to this music, and video (cut scenes). All 2D graphics, no 3D models.

Is OpenGL required? Or can this be achieved with Quartz or Core Animation?

Best Solution

I do similar using UIViews and a bit of Core Graphics (Quartz 2D) and it works fine. I've found the custom drawing in Core Graphics pushes it a bit further, tho - UIViews work best when given images rather than having to draw themselves. Also watch out for lots of transparencies. You'll probably find that large or long (many frame) animations will be the killer, though. There are some techniques for minimising the impact of the animations which involves allowing it to purge images from memory if not being immediately displayed (I forget the setting). This may result in your animations not being as smooth as you they would otherwise be (not sure if Open GL ES would help here, though).

You should probably prototype using UIViews, and decide then if it's worth doing the extra work for OpenGL ES. Also, if you're not already familiar with OpenGL/ Open GL ES it's a steep learning curve.

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