MinimumOSVersion problem in iphone sdk 3.0


i have installed the latest iphone sdk 3.0 beta 5, and trying to submit the first application build from this sdk,but when i upload to itunes connect, it give me the message "The binary you uploaded was invalid. The value provided for the key MinimumOSVersion is not acceptable." and cannot be uploaded. therefore i edit my info.plist file in the project and set this key to 2.2.1,like


and upload again but it still return the same message,have anybody met the same issues and how to get rid of this?

Best Solution

You SHOULD NOT specify MinimumOSVersion in your Info.plist. From the Information Property List Key reference:

MinimumOSVersion (String - iPhone OS, Mac OS X). When you build an iPhone application, Xcode notes the target OS (as determined by the Base SDK selection) as the MinimumOSVersion property. Do not specify this property yourself in the Info.plist file; it is a system-written property. When you publish your application to the App Store, the store indicates the iPhone OS release on which your application can run based on this property. It is equivalent to the LSMinimumSystemVersion property on Mac OS X.