Iphone – way I can capture the iPhone screen as a video?


I want to be able to capture my iPhone's screen as a video, but I'm not sure the best way to do this.

Can anyone help guide me on how to best do this without jailbreak?

Best Solution

Here's my solution in a nutshell:

In recent years, when needing to produce moving visual content from the interface of an iOS app, I would require the developer provide a compiling of the app designed for the Simulator, (must be separately compiled because the apps are, by default compiled to run on the iPhone's ARM processor, whereas the Simulator runs on the Mac's Intel processor). This would then be screen captured on the Mac with something like Snapz Pro, Screenflow or something similar.

Beyond that, typical solutions required jailbreaking the device and installing a screen capture application sourced from the Cydia Store.

With the introduction of the iPad 2, Apple enabled full interface mirrored video output via either an authorized dock connector to HDMI dongle, or a dock connector to VGA dongle. (Note: Apple's composite and component options do not port mirrored content.) While the typical intent for these output mechanisms are to display the interface content to an external projector or High Definition Television, it is possible to record this mirrored content with a device capable of recording or transcoding content from such an incoming source. This option was also made possible with the introduction of the iPhone 4S. Quite often, recording this video content is done with HDMI capture cards installed on the capturing computer, such as those produced by Black Magic or AJA, among others. This is, or course limited to using computers that are capable of having such a capture card installed. Other options may include some HDMI record-enabled DVR devices (though many detect and disable such options) or firewire-based transcoding devices (like the Grass Valley ADVC-HD50, which I use).

Since getting the iPad 2 earlier this year, I have been using the Grass Valley ADVC HD50 to capture iOS screen motion from dock connected HDMI to a HDV compatible video capture application on my Mac. It has thus far worked flawlessly.

Here is an example from a video I recorded showing such captured content from both the iPHone 4S and the iPad 2.


However, now that Apple has enabled wireless iOS mirroring via Airplay in iOS 5, I find it is now much more convenient to connect an Apple TV device to the Grass Vally ADVC HD50, and capture the iOS interface screen recording wirelessly.

Here is a recent short video example in which the iPhone 4S interface was captured wirelessly via Airplay mirroring.


I hope this helps.

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