Iphone – Xcode can’t build on windows share after changing mac


After moving to a other mac (fresh installed OSX 10.5.7 with iphone sdk 2.2.1) i now have several problems.

Often copying files to my mac from the windows vista64 share failes with error -41.

When building an .xproject directly on the windows share it fails with hundreds of errors like the following:
"error : Cannot allocate memory"

I later configured Xcode to build locally.. this didn't really help.

This did work on my previous machine why not on the fresh installed?

Do I have to install a inoffical OSX patch?
Do I have to install some windows patch?

Where do you guys store your projects and did problems occured?

Best Solution

According to Apple's Mac OS System Error Codes documentation, -41 is a file system error that means "Memory full (open) or file won't fit (load)". Note that this is distinct from error -34 "Disk full" and appears to be referring to your system memory (RAM + virtual RAM).

Are you running out of memory? Try using Activity Monitor to see what your resources (especially memory usage) look like when you try to open your project.

Update: I did some more digging and found this Apple Support thread where someone else had the same problem. The solution to their problem was to change a registry setting as suggested by this article. Apparently, Windows is sending a "not enough memory" error to your Mac and OS X is simply reporting that error as error code -41.