Is it possible to copy a Work Item Template from one project to another


The two projects in question were created from the same base template. Essentially I've stripped out a bunch of stuff that we don't need in several of the Work Item Templates, and deleted a few others. I'd like to copy these template changes to another project, instead of redoing all the work I just did.

Best Solution

If the other project is already created on the Server you can use the Team Foundation Server Power Tools. The Tool you want is the Process Editor.

After you install. Fire up Visual Studio and connect to Team Explorer. Then go to Tools | Process Editor | Work Item Types | Import WIT

Select the Work Item Type template and the project you want to install it to.

or if you prefer command line solutions use witimport:

witimport /f file /t TeamFoundationServer /p teamproject [/v] [/e encoding]

/f Specifies the work item type XML definition file to be imported.

/t Specifies the name of the Team Foundation Server. This can also be a fully specified URL such as http://server:8080.

/p Specifies the Team Project on the Team Foundation Server to which the file is imported.

/v Validates the XML without importing the work item type.

/e Specifies the name of the .NET Framework 2.0 encoding used to import the work item type XML. For example, /e utf-7 will use Unicode (UTF-7) encoding. Encoding is auto-detected by default where possible. If unavailable, encoding defaults to UTF-8.

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