Is it possible to find all DNS subdomains for a given domain name?


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More info:

Anyone knows if it's possible to find all A records, CNAME or subzone records configured for a domain name?

For example,

subdomain1 IN CNAME
subdomain2 IN CNAME 

subdomain1 IN A
subdomain2 IN A 

I want to keep a sub-domain private where I'll run an admin application (it will be password protected and on a special port, but I would prefer to keep it as private as possible).

Best Solution

Like others have said, what you want is a so called zone-transfer. If it is your own domain you can configure the DNS server to give it to you. If it is for some other domain you probably don't get it, since most DNS-admins consider it a security threat.

Even if an individual record isn't a problem (thats what the DNS it therefore) it could be a problem if an evil person gets a list of all your records: It could simplify an attack.

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