Java – 09 is not recognized where as 9 is recognized


I am using quartz for schedulling.


it accept 5 parameter. (seconds, minutes, hours, daysOfMonth, month).

When i pass fourth parameter as "09". Eclipse give me error "The literal Octal 09 (digit 9) of type int is out of range ".

But when i pass the fourth parameter as "9" instead of "09", it works.

Can anyone explain me this error?

Best Solution

In java, if you are defining an integer, a leading '0' will denote that you are defining a number in octal

int i = 07; //integer defined as octal
int i = 7; // integer defined as base 10
int i = 0x07; // integer defined as hex
int i = 0b0111; // integer defined as binary (Java 7+)