Java – a good technology stack for a java web based application with REST support


Evening all 🙂

I'm looking to create a Java web application. I envisage that it will use Spring web MVC and JSPs, however I would like to expose certain functionality as REST calls so I can create an android client.

Does spring offer anything to help me in this area? How can I keep the REST code and the web front end code separate yet not have to maintain essentially 2 versions of my application (one for the web, one for REST clients).

Not looking for spoon feeding, just some pointers of where I should start reading.

Best Solution

As others have mentioned, Spring has pretty good in-built REST support now. When combined with annotations, this allows really simple set-up of a RESTful API. Spring can be configured with different view resolvers, which can automatically respond with a different view of the data depending on the Accept header for example. So you could return either JSON or JSP automatically from the same data, see the ContentNegotiatingViewResolver. Your Controller and Model can then be common and implemented once, leaving the work in the View layer.

I've used this approach before to return JSON when the request was via AJAX and a JSP view built with the same data when accessed by a browser.

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