Java – Any good ORM tools for Android development?


Anyone working on the Android ('gPhone') have or know of a place where I can find a good ORM tool for it? The code is written in Java, and the database is SQLite. What I would like to find is a tool that given the object definition, can auto-generate the tables and the CRUD functions (that would be awesome), or, barring that, a tool that can take the table definition, the object definition, and auto-generate the CRUD functionality. The rub is that all of this must happen within the Android framework, which has its own conventions as to how database access works.

Best Solution

Thought I'd just add my $0.02 here about my ORMLite package.

It is a lightweight replacement to Hibernate and uses native Android OS database calls to support SQLite on Android. It also supports many other database types using JDBC on other architectures. We have an Android mailing list for ORMLite questions.