Java – Apache Tomcat 404 Error


I downloaded Apache Tomcat 6.0.2
And created a new server in Eclipse

  1. New -> Server
  2. Select "Tomcat v6.0 Server", Next
  3. Tomcat Installation Directory -> Where I unzipped Apache Tomcat 6.0.2
  4. Finish

Then I start the server and go to http://localhost:8080/ to see if it works. And I get a 404 error.

I've already googled it and tried to find a solution. But none of those remedies seem to work.

Any thoughts on what the problem is?

Best Solution

From the top of my head, I thought Eclipse started the tomcat server without anything in it, i.e. no web applications. You have to 'run' or actually deploy something in that Eclipse Tomcat server so you won't get the 404s.

The fact that you do get 404 error messages indicates that Tomcat actually IS running. If you shut it down from Eclipse, you won't get those 404's anymore ;)