Java – BAT file to create Java CLASSPATH


I want to distribute a command-line application written in Java on Windows.

My application is distributed as a zip file, which has a lib directory entry which has the .jar files needed for invoking my main class. Currently, for Unix environments, I have a shell script which invokes the java command with a CLASSPATH created by appending all files in lib directory.

How do I write a .BAT file with similar functionality? What is the equivalent of find Unix command in Windows world?

Best Solution

You want to use the for loop in Batch script

 @echo off
 setLocal EnableDelayedExpansion
 for /R ./lib %%a in (*.jar) do (

This really helped me when I was looking for a batch script to iterate through all the files in a directory, it's about deleting files but it's very useful.

One-line batch script to delete empty directories

To be honest, use Jon's answer though, far better if all the files are in one directory, this might help you out at another time though.