Java – Best enterprise repository tool for Maven 2


Some of the other questions and answers here on SO extol the virtues of using an enterprise repository tool like Archiva, Artifactory, or Nexus. What are the pros and cons of each? How do I choose between them?

In case it helps:

  • We use both Maven 1 and Maven 2 (at least for a while)
  • We want to store both internally-generated artifacts, publicly-available ones (ibiblio, codehaus, etc.), and proprietary ones (e.g. Sun's licensed JARs like the Servlet API).
  • We would like something that runs on Windows, Linux, or both.
  • We use Luntbuild as our CI server (but intend moving to Hudson some time).

N.B. this question is not a duplicate of either this one or this one.

Best Solution

We had been using Archiva for a while, and were happy with it. We recently switched hardware, and decided to try out Nexus because we had read some good things about it. We didn't know what we were missing in Archiva, but Nexus is far better. The repository aspect is easier because it "groups" all the repositories into one url, for easier settings.xml configuration. Further, the web site rocks -- easy search for artifacts, and even searches the global central repo, without having downloaded it all to your proxy. I highly recommend Nexus!