Java – C# version of java’s synchronized keyword


Does c# have its own version of the java "synchronized" keyword?

I.e. in java it can be specified either to a function, an object or a block of code, like so:

public synchronized void doImportantStuff() {
   // dangerous code goes here.


public void doImportantStuff() {
   // trivial stuff

   synchronized(someLock) {
      // dangerous code goes here.

Best Solution

First - most classes will never need to be thread-safe. Use YAGNI: only apply thread-safety when you know you actually are going to use it (and test it).

For the method-level stuff, there is [MethodImpl]:

public void SomeMethod() {/* code */}

This can also be used on accessors (properties and events):

private int i;
public int SomeProperty
    get { return i; }
    set { i = value; }

Note that field-like events are synchronized by default, while auto-implemented properties are not:

public int SomeProperty {get;set;} // not synchronized
public event EventHandler SomeEvent; // synchronized

Personally, I don't like the implementation of MethodImpl as it locks this or typeof(Foo) - which is against best practice. The preferred option is to use your own locks:

private readonly object syncLock = new object();
public void SomeMethod() {
    lock(syncLock) { /* code */ }

Note that for field-like events, the locking implementation is dependent on the compiler; in older Microsoft compilers it is a lock(this) / lock(Type) - however, in more recent compilers it uses Interlocked updates - so thread-safe without the nasty parts.

This allows more granular usage, and allows use of Monitor.Wait/Monitor.Pulse etc to communicate between threads.

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