Java – Can someone explain this JDBC Exception to me


I'm gettting the following exception when performing an insert to an Oracle Databse using JDBC.

java.sql.SQLRecoverableException: Io exception: Unexpected packet

What could cause this and how can I recover from it?

The application I'm writing performs an aweful lot of updates the the databse in rapid succession. Judging from the exception I'd assume it's a network issue, however the Database is on the same box as my Application.

I don't have a stack trace and this is one of those irritating "Works on my machine" problems" where it Borks when I put it on a client site.

Unfortunately I've got to throw together something that will fix this/diagnose but the client site only throws data to my app between 5pm and 9 pm when I'm out of the office…

I've got a few hours to work out my contingencies though…

Any thoughts.

Problem solved:

It was a synchronization issue.

Best Solution

Are you per any chance using multiple threads and forgot synchronization?