Java – Compare objects in LinkedList.contains()


I want to be able to have LinkedList.contains() return true for a custom comparator.

Suppose that I have 1 LinkedList and 2 objects

LinkedList<MyObject> myList = new LinkedList<MyObject>();

MyObject a = new MyObject("HELLO");
MyObject b = new MyObject("HELLO");

Technicaly, both objects are identical in terms of comparison (MyObject implements Comparable)

( a == b ) == true

however, when I do the following, myList does not return true for myList.contains(b)

myList.contains(b) // == false

I think its because contains will check object reference and see that a and b are 2 distinct objects.
Is there any way I can make it so I don't have to extend LinkedList to compare those objects?

Best Solution

LinkedList uses the equals method, not Comparable.compareTo. You should override equals (and hashCode) in MyObject to solve the problem.