Java – Conversion from ArrayList to Collection


I am having difficulty in this conversion. I don't know if there is a syntax error or this is not even possible.

I need to convert from–

private static final List<Contact> CONTACTS = Arrays.asList(
        new Contact("text1", "name1"),
        new Contact("text2", "name2"),
        new Contact("text3", "name3"));


Collection c = new ArrayList(Arrays.asList(--?--))

–?– –> (I don't understand what comes here)

By doing this, I intend to avoid UnsupportedOperationException.
Any help appreciated, thanks!

Hey thank you all, i got it!
This worked–

List<? extends Contact> col = new ArrayList<Contact>(CONTACTS);

Best Solution

public interface List
extends Collection

You don't need to do anything. Or is there some particular operation you need that the ArrayList doesn't support?