Java – Development Environment Java 6, Maven 2.x, Eclipse 3.4.x, JBoss 5 and JBoss Seam


I have to organize a development environment where I can run Maven projects with JBoss Seam, IDE eclipse 3.4.x and deploying to JBoss 5.
The projects that will run on this environment are based in Java 6, EJB3 and JSF1.2. The environment has to support hot-deploy.

I used to work in a development environment with Sysdeo Plugin to make Tomcat run all my applications – I've rarely used EJB (only for MDB's).
So I would prefer an environment similar to this.

I'd like to know what you guys use for the kind of architecture (what kind of eclipse plugins – if they work fine, things like that)

The thing I really didn't get right is why my Maven2 project with SEAM as a dependency packaged as EAR doesn't appear in my server (in Eclipse Ganymede – tab servers) for me to make deploy (right click – option Add and Remove Projects…).
Do I have to include an specific project nature to make my Maven2 EAR project visible to my JBoss AS included in my Eclipse Ganymede?

Seam doesn't appear to go well with Maven2. I'm facing some problems to make they work together – some dependencies appear to be missing and I have to put some extra files in some special places like and components.xml with some special contents.
I feel like forced to use seam-gen and Ant. Too bad!

Best Solution

Not sure if this is helpful to you, but but we run the following

Most things run on separate virtual machines to keep interference to a minimum. Proxmox VE is a breeze to setup (15 mins and you are running).

Hudson monitors the repository and automatically builds and tests each push. If the war build is successful it is automatically (re)deployed (using a hudson plugin) into Tomcat and restarted.

I cannot recommend these tools enough.