Java – Display emoji/emotion icon in Android TextView


I have some problem with displaying emoji icon in Android TextView

First, I found a list of emoji icon in unicode at here:

Second, I found how to display emoji icon at here:

The can convert the predefined character to emoji icon automatically. Therefore, I want to replace all the occurrences of emoji icon in a String to some predefined character, and put the result to
The problem is my code cannot recognize emoji icon in the String which contains emoji icon.

Here is my code snippet – I am trying to find if the input match any unicode of emoji icon:

// Array list of all emoji icon
private static final String[] ArrayEUnicodeString ={

// Nothing matched when it receive emoji icon with unicode "\uE415" from iphone. 'input' is message received from XMPP server
for (int i=0; i < emojiLength; i++)

    if (input.getBytes() == ArrayEUnicodeString[i].getBytes())
        Log.e("test", "ArrayEUnicodeString found");
// Note: iphone can display the emoji icon if I send "\uE415"

I am not good at unicode comparison/convention. Can somebody help me please, thanks!

Best Solution

Here, Please go through below solution :

Problem : Inside TextView instead of Emoji, String \ue415\ue056\ue057 is showing.

Root cause : In java or android, programmatically string representation of Emoji's you will get as \\ue415\\ue056\\ue057. But when you try to print same String in console or LogCat then escape character is removed and you will get string as \ue415\ue056\ue057 because of which root cause of this issue is not detectable.

Solution : To solve this issue, we need to handle escape character. I have created below method which solve this problem.

public static String getEmojiFromString(String emojiString) {

    if (!emojiString.contains("\\u")) {

        return emojiString;
    String emojiEncodedString = "";

    int position = emojiString.indexOf("\\u");

    while (position != -1) {

        if (position != 0) {
            emojiEncodedString += emojiString.substring(0, position);

        String token = emojiString.substring(position + 2, position + 6);
        emojiString = emojiString.substring(position + 6);
        emojiEncodedString += (char) Integer.parseInt(token, 16);
        position = emojiString.indexOf("\\u");
    emojiEncodedString += emojiString;

    return emojiEncodedString;