Java – eclipse ini configuration


actually i and my friend are trying to learn and use eclipse 3.4 and we are having some heap memory issue while working, and my friend suggested to increase the memory allocation to eclipse ide as he has 4GB RAM and he wants to allocate enough heap, allocate decent perm size, and enable parallel garbage collection to this eclipse ide.

we people are unable to achieve this by modifying the eclipse.ini file and he wants to allocate 1GB of RAM to eclipse.

kindly please help us in this


Best Solution

Just for reference: as Carsten said, the eclipse.ini file is quite picky about the order and format of its lines. Here's their Wiki page, with some example configurations.
As they say, remember that:

  1. Each option and each argument to an option must be on its own line.
  2. All lines after -vmargs are passed as arguments to the JVM, so all arguments and options for eclipse must be specified before -vmargs (just like when you use arguments on the command-line)

So, for example, you can set the MaxPermSize with an Eclipse launcher-specific option (option name on the first line, option value on the next):


Then, after the -vmargs option name, you can pass the parameters relative to the garbage collector. For example:


Hope it helps.