Java – Enabling specific SSL protocols with Android WebViewClient


My application uses WebViewClient to make SSL connections to the server.
The server is configured to only accept TLSv1.1 and above protocols.

  1. How do I check which SSL protocols are a) Supported and b) Enabled by default when using Android WebViewClient on a device.
  2. How do I enable specific SSL protocols for Android WebViewClient instance used in my application.

On one of the test devices running Android 4.3,
WebViewClient throws onReceivedError callback with the following description:

"Failed to perform SSL handshake"

Chrome logs are as follows:

01-29 15:58:00.073 5486 5525 W chromium_net: external/chromium/net/http/ [0129/] Falling back to SSLv3 because host is TLS intolerant: 01-29 15:58:00.083 5486 5525 E chromium_net: external/chromium/net/socket/ [0129/] handshake failed; returned 0, SSL error code 5, net_error -107 

My application also uses HttpClient and HttpsUrlConnection classes to setup SSL Connections. I was able to use SSLSocket API to enable specific protocols when using these classes.[])

I need to do the same with WebViewClient.

Best Solution

As per documenation it is NOT possible to support TLS 1.0 in WebView in Android < 4.3. For Android 4.4 it is disabled by default.

Check this chart for support of TLS 1.0 in different browsers: