Java – GUI programming in Scala


I'm trying to learn Scala, and I'd like to learn by writing a simple swing app, but I'm unsure what GUI programing looks like in a functional world, and specifically when using Scala.

Any pointers, or tutorials, or gotchas when coming from an OO/Java background would be really welcome.

Best Solution

The Programming in Scala book did contain an overview of the scala-swing project. The book is very good, overall, and worth the money as a general reference, and sounds just like what you're looking for.

Scala-swing is a "wrapping" library approach, so, I wouldn't call it functional, really. State is mutated all over the place, mostly because that's just how Swing works.

I'm not really aware of many "free as in beer" resources for this topic yet, and I think the Syngeca scala wiki probably lists some preliminary approaches that became scala-swing, but, that's just a guess. :)

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