Java – Hot Deploy of development changes with Eclipse, Tomcat, and Jetspeed


I am developing a Jetspeed portal application running on Tomcat, using the Eclipse IDE with the Sysdeo Tomcat launcher plugin to enable debugging of the application running in Tomcat/Jetspeed.

I was wondering how to enable hot deploy of development changes for this environment? Does anyone know how to configure a Jetspeed portal web application to be hot-deployed from Eclipse? Can't really find any information on the net for Jetspeed hot deployment.

Best Solution

I usually create an ant build file, loosely based on:

and use the 'install'/'remove' targets to deploy to a remote tomcat

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If you're talking about only developing on your local machine- you don't need an external plugin to eclipse, it has built in support for Tomcat and hot redeployment.

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