Java – How to add a tooltip to a cell in a jtable


I have a table where each row represents a picture. In the column Path I store its absolute path. The string being kinda long, I would like that when I hover the mouse over the specific cell, a tooltip should pop-up next to the mouse containing the information from the cell.

Best Solution

Just use below code while creation of JTable object.

JTable auditTable = new JTable(){

            //Implement table cell tool tips.           
            public String getToolTipText(MouseEvent e) {
                String tip = null;
                java.awt.Point p = e.getPoint();
                int rowIndex = rowAtPoint(p);
                int colIndex = columnAtPoint(p);

                try {
                    tip = getValueAt(rowIndex, colIndex).toString();
                } catch (RuntimeException e1) {
                    //catch null pointer exception if mouse is over an empty line

                return tip;