Java – how to add transparent alpha channel back to png image in java


I am trying to attach the transparent alpha channel to png image in java. Image should not be changed after merging of alpha channel.
In short,

  1. I have png image of dimension p X q
  2. I have alpha channel(transparent) of 100% transparency and of size p X q
  3. Above both images(1 and 2) should be merged and image 1 should remain as it is without any effect of alpha channel…
    Please help me out…

Best Solution

You need to set the alpha channel in the first image according to the transparency information in the second image. Something like this: Set BufferedImage alpha mask in Java

If you don't want to have any changes in the first image, then you can create a copy/clone of it and work with this copy. Here's how to create a copy of a BufferedImage: How do you clone a BufferedImage