Java – How to change websphere listener port


I try to run websphere liberty profile in some specific environment. Unfortunately server don't start, and I see in log: I FFDC1015I: An FFDC Incident has been created: " Permission denied 150"

So I understand that I have to disable server command lister or to change it port (i can't allow to use this port). I can't find information where and how to set it. Any ideas?

Best Solution

  • Login to WebSphere Admin Console
  • Go to Servers -> Server Types -> WebSphere application servers
  • Select the server's name link
  • While at Configuration tab, under Communications section, click Ports
  • You can now change the default ports for various listeners and tasks

Update: My apologies. I had not read the question correctly. In that case, you have to change it through a property file.

Note that I do not have WS Liberty profile installed, so I cannot verify this.