Java – How to ignore a type with XStream


with XStream, how can I ignore the serialization of a defined Type (for instance, when serializing a GUI, i want to ignore all swing types)?

Or if i want to ignore all javax.* types?

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Best Solution

you need to write a custom converter for the types you want to ignore.

For example, if you want to ignore the JLabels:

public class MyJLabelConverter implements Converter {

    public void marshal(Object value, HierarchicalStreamWriter writer, MarshallingContext context) {

    public Object unmarshal(HierarchicalStreamReader reader, UnmarshallingContext context) {
        return null;

    public boolean canConvert(Class clazz) {
        return clazz.equals(JLabel.class);

and register it with:

xstream.registerConverter(new MyJLabelConverter());