Java – How to import an existing Java keystore (.jks) file into a Java installation


So, I am having trouble with LDAP. I have an integration test case that hopefully will work out, but it is currently running into LDAPS security issues with the SSL handshake.

I am able to connect to the LDAPS with Apache Directory Studio, and it has downloaded the keystore into a file "permanent.jks".

That's ok, but I want my integration test, which resides in Eclipse using a JRE, to be able to connect to the LDAP server using this keystore.

How can I take this keystore and import it into the JRE for its own use?

Best Solution

Ok, so here was my process:

keytool -list -v -keystore permanent.jks - got me the alias.

keytool -export -alias alias_name -file certificate_name -keystore permanent.jks - got me the certificate to import.

Then I could import it with the keytool:

keytool -import -alias alias_name -file certificate_name -keystore keystore location

As @Christian Bongiorno says the alias can't already exist in your keystore.