Java – How to iterate through the values of a row from a result set in java


The result set I'm speaking of this:

What I would like to do is this…

for row in rows
    for col in row
        //col is the name of the column, row[col] is the value.

I'm more profecient in PHP, than JSP, fyi. This would be done in PHP like so:

foreach($rs as $row)
    foreach($row as $col => $val)
        //val is the cell value, and column is the column name

EDIT: I'm looking for a generic solution. notice how col is a variable, not a literal.

Best Solution

This is just a variation the a_horse_with_no_name answer. Here we use a List of List objects as suggested there.

final ResultSetMetaData meta = rs.getMetaData();
final int columnCount = meta.getColumnCount();
final List<List<String>> rowList = new LinkedList<List<String>>();
while (
    final List<String> columnList = new LinkedList<String>();

    for (int column = 1; column <= columnCount; ++column) 
        final Object value = rs.getObject(column);

// add the rowList to the request.

Edit Added final to all variables.