Java – How to run a batch file from the Java Application


In my Java application, I want to run a batch file that calls "scons -Q implicit-deps-changed build\file_load_type export\file_load_type"

It seems that I can't even get my batch file to execute. I'm out of ideas.

This is what I have in Java:

   exec("build.bat", null, new File("."));

Previously, I had a Python Sconscript file that I wanted to run but since that didn't work I decided I would call the script via a batch file but that method has not been successful as of yet.

Best Solution

Batch files are not an executable. They need an application to run them (i.e. cmd).

On UNIX, the script file has shebang (#!) at the start of a file to specify the program that executes it. Double-clicking in Windows is performed by Windows Explorer. CreateProcess does not know anything about that.

   exec("cmd /c start \"\" build.bat");

Note: With the start \"\" command, a separate command window will be opened with a blank title and any output from the batch file will be displayed there. It should also work with just `cmd /c build.bat", in which case the output can be read from the sub-process in Java if desired.