Java – How to run a class from Jar which is not the Main-Class in its Manifest file


I have a JAR with 4 classes, each one has Main method. I want to be able to run each one of those as per the need. I am trying to run it from command-line on Linux box.

E.g. The name of my JAR is MyJar.jar

It has directory structure for the main classes as follows:


I know that I can specify one class as main in my Manifest file. But is there any way by which I can specify some argument on command line to run whichever class I wish to run?

I tried this:

jar cfe MyJar.jar com.mycomp.myproj.dir2.MainClass2 com/mycomp/myproj/dir2/MainClass2.class /home/myhome/ /home/myhome/input.txt

And I got this error:

com/mycomp/myproj/dir2/MainClass2.class : no such file or directory

(In the above command, '/home/myhome/' and '/home/myhome/input.txt' are the command line arguments).

Best Solution

You can create your jar without Main-Class in its Manifest file. Then :

java -cp MyJar.jar com.mycomp.myproj.dir2.MainClass2 /home/myhome/ /home/myhome/input.txt