Java – How to run Eclipse using Oracle’s new 1.7 JDK for the Mac


I'm trying to get the new 1.7 JDK working with Eclipse (this is Oracle's official release).

I don't mean just pointing Eclipse to it so you can use it in projects, this works fine, but actually making Eclipse run using the 1.7 JVM.

I've moved the new JVM to the top of the list in Java Preferences, but Eclipse still starts with 1.6. If I disable 1.6 in Java Preferences I get a dialog immediately after I double-click on Eclipse saying "Failed to create the Java Virtual Machine".

edit: I added the following to my eclipse.ini just before the -vmargs:


Yet in the Eclipse installation details dialog I still see:


edit 2: here are the contents of my eclipse.ini file:

Best Solution

There is another way. Please add two following lines before -vmargs in the .ini file:


(remember these need to be separate lines) and also add a corresponding entry in 'Info.plist' file (add or modify array items under "Eclipse" key - each string child element corresponds to a command line parameter).


Alternatively just use -vm {YOUR_JAVA_7_HOME}/lib/server/libjvm.dylib command line parameter when running eclipse from terminal.