Java – How to start using and developing on Ubuntu Linux?


I am a newbie Linux user who came from 10 years using windows OS, and developing in Microsoft languages.
I want to have a good experience in Linux world and developing on it.
First, I want to learn how to use this new OS, then how to start developing on it, I am interested in web applications, specially using Java/PHP because I have some experience in both and it will be a good start.

Second, I want to learn how to develop on it.
Are there any video tutorials to give me a good starting push?
any recommended books or references?

Best Solution


Environment Setup

  1. I would recommend you install a the JDK if you are doing Java development. Look here for instructions on using apt to install the sun JRE.

  2. Then, get yourself a decent IDE setup. Try Netbeans or Eclipse - both can be configured to work with php as well.

  3. Also make sure you install php and Apache, here are some instructions.

  4. Since it sounds like you are going for the classic LAMP setup, you may as well install PostgreSQL or MySQL.

That should get you running far enough to make videos, etc useful.

Development Resources

IDE Resources



  • PEAR - Get libraries for common tasks in PHP.
  • ADODB - Get a decent db backend for PHP and learn how to prevent SQL injection attacks from the start.
  • Start to play around with a web dev framework.