Java – Identifying last loop when using for each


I want to do something different with the last loop iteration when performing 'foreach' on an object. I'm using Ruby but the same goes for C#, Java etc.

  list = ['A','B','C']
    puts "Looping: "+i # if not last loop iteration
    puts "Last one: "+i # if last loop iteration

The output desired is equivalent to:

  Looping: 'A'
  Looping: 'B'
  Last one: 'C'

The obvious workaround is to migrate the code to a for loop using 'for i in 1..list.length', but the for each solution feels more graceful. What is the most graceful way to code a special case during a loop? Can it be done with foreach?

Best Solution

I see a lot of complex, hardly readable code here... why not keep it simple:

var count = list.Length;

foreach(var item in list)
    if (--count > 0)
        Console.WriteLine("Looping: " + item);
        Console.Writeline("Lastone: " + item);

It's only one extra statement!

Another common situation is that you want to do something extra or less with the last item, like putting a separator between the items:

var count = list.Length;

foreach(var item in list)
    if (--count > 0)