Java – integrating Grails and GWT


GWT seems like a really nice technology for Java developers who don't like (or don't know) HTML/JS/CSS to build rich web interfaces. On the server-side Grails also looks really nice, it's often described as "Rails for Java developers". I've read that Grails' "convention over configuration" approach, together with the benefits of dynamic languages (Groovy) can really reduce the amount of (boilerplate) code that needs to be written, while still leveraging best-of-breed Java technologies such as Spring and Hibernate.

Anyway, I haven't read much about how well these technologies play together. How easy is it to integrate GWT with Grails on the server-side? I'd be interested to learn about experiences of anyone that has build an application with these technologies? Recommendations on resources (books/websites) for building a GWT-Grails website would also be very welcome.


Best Solution

Grails already has a gwt plugin: check it out.