Java – Invoking Java main method with parameters from Eclipse


During development (and for debugging) it is very useful to run a Java class' public static void main(String[] argv) method directly from inside Eclipse (using the Run As context menu).

Is there a similarily quick way to specify command line parameters for the run?
What I do now is go to the "Run Dialog", click through the various settings to the tab where I can specify VM and program arguments and enter them there.
Too many steps, plus I do not want to mix the more permanent runtime configuration settings with the one-off invokation parameters.
What I want instead is to check a box somewhere (or have a separate menu item "Run as Java application with command line") and then be prompted for the commandline every time (with a nice history).

Best Solution

This answer is based on Eclipse 3.4, but should work in older versions of Eclipse.

When selecting Run As..., go into the run configurations.

On the Arguments tab of your Java run configuration, configure the variable ${string_prompt} to appear (you can click variables to get it, or copy that to set it directly).

Every time you use that run configuration (name it well so you have it for later), you will be prompted for the command line arguments.